100 Years Hansel Textile Group: New High-tech Solutions For The Textile World Markets

“From Iserlohn developed innovative fabrics against electric charging with innovations such as hi-airstat company ‘ we serve all product ranges from the clothing of home textiles up to composite materials in medicine and industry”, explains Wolfgang Schulte, Chairman of the Executive Board. So the company 100 years after its inception has been the Foundation for a prosperous future in the high-tech textile manufacturing. Hi-Airstat”is just one example from the series of intelligent Hansel textile products that mark the dawn of a new world of textile technology. The Hansel textile group is one of the pillars of new business also TecWeb”, an extruded adhesive that can be applied with more environmentally friendly bonding technology on a wide range of substrates. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Peter Schiff by clicking through. Since 1979 the Hansel textile Group offers with its subsidiary Hansel composite technology environmentally friendly laminating technology for the automotive and textile industries. The AB-TEC joint venture is with the US company Spunfab Ltd. Adhesive fabrics, an innovative manufacturer of thermoplastic adhesives, successfully operated.

The Hansel textile group recently celebrated its centenary with a large ceremony. Over 350 guests came to Iserlohn to a gala event, and followed the main stages of the company’s history in a colorful program. 100 years Hansel also 100 years mean history of the textile industry in the extensive Chronicle several milestones in the development of the textile and clothing industry in Germany listed are textile. Hansel textile offers a very wide range of Know-How as a competence center for innovative textile solutions. This ranges from production of deposit materials for Womenswear and menswear up to technical textiles, refined and coated also according to highest standards.

The Hansel is one of the leading manufacturers for interlinings in clothing industry textile. The company was founded in 1908 in Forst in Lusatia and today has own sales companies, distributors and Representations all over the world. It is loyal for 60 years the Iserlohn production site at the edge of the Sauerland. With over 60 subsidiaries and partner companies, Hansel is a textile the global players.