Acai Juice For The Immune Power!

Acai is a Berry of a Palm tree in the rain forest in the Amazon region. Acai is a Berry of a Palm tree in the rain forest in the Amazon region. Her juice, a real “energy drink”, is currently fully in line with us. Its effect: He strength the immune power, says Prof. Hademar Bankhofer. From the Amazon to Europe, there are several reasons why the Acai juice with us trend has become according to Bankhofer. The first: The Brazilian journalists have taken the importance of Acai in the world. MonVie, one of the leading international beverage and direct sales company today announced its entry into the German market.

It is the drinks MonVie and MonVie ActiveTM with acai (pronounced: ah-kai-ii), sell a small purple Berry from the Amazon River, in Germany. “We are pleased to sell MonVie products in Germany, because thus we expand our mission to bring athletes, fresh air fans, travelers, and others who are always on the move, health and well-being,” says MonVie founder, Chairman and CEO, Dallin A. Larsen. Millions of people will discover why the Acai is the Crown Jewel of MonVie, and why this Superfruit conquered the world by storm.” The growing number of independent dealers provides the German customers the first tasting of MonVieTM mixtures with ACAI, Super fruit, which receives more international awards for its antioxidant, health-promoting properties. The great demand for the acai berry enhances the expansion of MonVie and contributes to the skyrocketing sales and the annual growth of the company. MonVie, the original mix is a delicious combination of the Brazilian acai berry and 18 other healthy fruits. The protected formula contains antioxidants from natural occurring polyphenols and vitamin C, which contributes to the protection of building stones from damage through oxidation. web/global24