Alexander Nastasi

box, the read and execute this exercise is always less than 30 minutes and so we had even managers and bosses in coaching, because the time frame is manageable. Daily live chat on weekends, even on a holiday – we are every day 30 minutes live online, to resolve blockages, difficulties and problems of comprehension on the same day. Support around the world – around the clock. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Black Rock on most websites. 24 hour open forum: we have also an internal Forum (only for students), in which the participants can exchange and that is visited by us even on the day and questions are ideal for, have the longer questions or personal individual E-mail have found no time for chat: for questions that are too confidential for a forum or a chat, we have 24 hours available per day over an email form to the address and respond individually within 24 hours on weekdays. Internal article with further information – are now our online course participants advanced a range Information in the form of articles meditations, videos and texts available are ind most only by entering user name and password in the internal section of the Manifestierenportals accessible.

The manifest Manual 2.0 – manifesting 2.0 – is it on the largest online bookstore Amazon shipped and provides additional guidance and in-depth exercises. Please keep in mind that the manual at a special price to 26 euros there is. You can buy it in bookstores for 14.95 euros or in April 2010 book the course incl. 40,95 EUR Guide. All other components of the course are unchanged. Our guarantee of success – online coaching by Julia and Alexander Nastasi is so successful since May 2008 that we have decided to give a unique guarantee to this day: we guarantee that something in your life significantly and noticeably to the positive changes. Else you will get back 100% of the course price paid on request.