Alexander Skrzypek

Everything runs super, Skrzypek catches up space to space. Closes with almost 40 km/h on the first pitch. The legs are loose, the low temperatures make not to create it. He thinks he’s good on his food and beverages plan, not to come to a branch of the hunger. In Enkheim at kilometer 22, it happens. “He sees the first rise in the awesome athletes the beast” call ahead and… the front tires lose air. Keep calm, not overthrow, pull over right, breathe deeply and examine tire.

An approximately a centimeter big RIP is in the mantle. Skrzypek has always a can of spray can in case of necessity. He quarrels before each race with himself whether he should take the spray. Used he never got it. And even though the box weighs only a few hundred grams, a few hundred grams times 180 kilometres are also a few calories which must be applied in addition. But that doesn’t matter now.

He puts the repair spray. But the hole too large. The adhesive does not simply, over and over again Skrzypek tried to patch the tire. But it is nothing. The next bike service is 10 km away. This route is unable to cope in cycling shoes. And in the face of the marathon, which is still active, is barefoot run also not an option. So remains only to wait for a breakdown vehicle. In the meantime, the temperatures were already to feel. Skrzypek offered a couple of Nice cops, to set up the mobile bike service comes in the patrol car. After over an hour was still nothing from the roadside helper to see. Instead, comes the “broom wagon” of the operator who collects a stale athletes. It’s Hawaii. Back in the hotel the Organizer offers a starting point for the Ironman Regensburg at the 07.08.2011. The season is still not lost. Alexander Skrzypek works full time at his sponsor of BBBOnLine AG package service and logistics. With iloxx Alexander Skrzypek became sales of corporate customers within a very short time by the simple collects the team leader. Jorg Popow