Alicia Morales

It must be recognized that honesty is an essential condition for human relationships, for friendship, for true community life. But it should be taken seriously by itself, not as the most suitable policy. There is a big difference between taking seriously the truth and not be caught. Parents often say that you not caught again, and it is understandable, but a good and honest life is more than that. Moral development is not a game of catch me if you can. It should concentrate on what matters of truth, the kind of person that one is, and the kind of person that one wants to be. There are no half measures with honesty. Ultimately, it should not be forgotten as he has pointed out, that being honest is to be real, consistent with the evidence that presents the world and its various phenomena and elements; It is to be genuine, authentic, objective.

Express honesty respect for oneself and for others, who, like us, are as they are and there is no reason to hide it. This attitude confidence in oneself and those sowing those who are in contact with the honest person. Honesty is not just openness (ability to tell the truth) but in assuming that truth is only one and not depends on people or consensus but of what the real world presents us as undeniable and indispensable recognize. Don’t forget to as points out Alicia Morales, that: it is not the honesty:-is not simple honesty that leads the person to observe the distribution of material goods. Honesty is only a consequence particularly of being honest and fair.

-Not so the mere recognition of the emotions I feel or what I truly feel. Be honest, also involves the analysis of what so real (real) are our feelings and we decide to sort them by seeking the good of others and their own. -It is not messy opening of own privacy for the sake of not hide who we really are, it will involve true sincerity, with the right people and at the correct moments. -It is not overt and cynical attitude that speaks of anything with any candor’s priority is the acknowledgment of the truth and not clutter. Original author and source of the article.