Attributed Financing

On the other hand to the limitations of the private model some authors emphasize the urgency of the application of a model of public financing standing out its qualities as; reduction of the costs of the campaigns, increase of the equity of the disputes, reduction of the corruption potential, impediment of the direct pressure of the givers on the actors politicians and permission of the participation of parties that lack of resources. However, as all the formula is not infallible exists the concern with the possibility of dependence of the parties in relation to the State since, the campaign expenditures happen of public resources what the author calls one ' ' estatizao' ' of the parties. Rubio remembers that an essential element so that the public financing can reach its objectives is the use of an instrument of efficient and independent control. However for it, most weighed it would be the establishment of a mixing system including the financing and the private one public, being the first one, tied the distribution criteria that mesclem principles of equality and proportionality with objective elements of deepening of the parties in the society, and as, managed in way to guarantee the smoothness on the value, origin and the destination of the received resources. Ahead of all these components elencados until here, are of vital importance to warn that on this subject it does not have consensus and nor absolute truth and that, therefore, it is essential that if it constructs to a culture politics directed for the idea of transparency principles, ability and commitment of all around a common objective that either to play the attributed functions in the possible way most idoneous, exactly that this thought can seem a utopian iderio. Without a vision politics compromised to these factors it does not import the model of used financing, because of the opposite it always goes to search forms of burlar the process, that is, to find the breaches of the system stops with this taking advantage in the electoral dispute..