Bacardi Iceland

With kju: digital media and DYNAMIQ voting engine to the dream job on the island of talented bands, musicians, photographers and video makers are again searched. “The interested artists apply now until 15th October for the island job, the they in January 2011 on the Bacardi Iceland” will lead. There produced Studio song, video clip, as well as accompanying photo gallery. The online community helps the candidates via voice to the hoped-for victory. “The crew at the this year for the second time instead of taking Iceland-job” is extended to three more attractive jobs: so this year stylists, bartender and contender for the may apply Produktionsas-sistenz. The winning band also waving a prize money of CHF 10.000,-and the professional support during the launching of the musical career for a year. Also the online voter have the chance at attractive prices above all, participation in the creative travel in the Caribbean itself.

Vote pays off so. How come the DYNAMIQ voting engine last year by kju: digital media for online voting for the usage. With the in successfully deployed software solution ensures that fair and properly running vote numerous national and international projects in the usual way. The practical and rapid registration via Facebook connect is of course again. Brooklyn Commons at MetroTech oftentimes addresses this issue. Gadget ( the largest and most popular social platforms are included together with the Swiss Agency lead in this campaign as well as the social networks of participants, voters and fans with information and current and under – stop seed content staging. More information under: