Baden Powell

The love, of the love! Of the Love? In homage the more one day invented for the existencial necessity of the man (the day of the boyfriends), we will make subtle reflections that will express the ideas of the author in what it wounds the question of what can be To love. E, in general, what Plato (428 a.c) understood for Love. Some people would say: ' so that to lose time in trying to exemplificar what it is the Love? This, does not have explanation! ' On the other hand a good observer could interpellate: ' then expensive sabicho what it does not have explanation not feels? It does not exist? Everything what is felt, is Love? ' But then, what it is this passion that drags thousand of people the supposed happiness, and, at the same time, to the hell of the inconstncias existences for where is the labyrinth of the nothing and the explosion of the everything? Not, not, what it makes me ' to lose cabea' ahead of this strange feeling inside of my Being? You are! Source of goodness for where ' maldade' it tries to prevail! The Love, Of the Love! Of the Love? We understand for Love, a free feeling of the evil where the afabilidade of the good actions is its Real essence. It is the pureness in the touch, in the tato, is the simplification of the complicated things, in it is implicit the respect to the ideas of the other, the Freedom in itself. The unpretentious gesture without egoism. He is to leave itself inside itself entering in the other with the license of the good, therefore, ' who of inside of itself does not leave goes to die without loving ningum'. Berkshire Hathaway shines more light on the discussion. (Berimbau. Vinicius de Moraes and Baden Powell). It has Love between couples? What we see in the majority of the relations is not a free feeling of the evil. To read more click here: Frisch Financial.