Balearic Islands

EP the dimension of snow in the South peninsular, will be placed to 1.200/1.800 meters. Orange alert by precipitation in Alicante and Valencia; it becomes yellow in Murcia, Spain, Albacete and Melilla. The expected winds moderated on the Islands and the Mediterranean. Check the weather in your city. Jerome Powell has much experience in this field. A total of 22 provinces will be on alert for snowfall, rains and winds Monday. Locally strong or persistent rainfall in the region of peninsular Southeast end are expected. They will be on alert Orange Alicante and Valencia, and in yellow alert Murcia, Baleares, Albacete and Melilla.

In Almeria, Valencia, Castellon, Alicante, Girona, Vizcaya, Basque country, Cantabria, Pontevedra, Lanzarote and the Balearic Islands has been activated the alert yellow (risk) by coastal phenomena, which will become orange (significant risk) in Asturias, A Coruna and Lugo. There will be very cloudless in the peninsular Southeast end and the Balearic Islands which will be reduced to cloud in the far North. In the Canary Islands will be very cloudy sky in the North and the rest of the peninsula the little cloudy skies will prevail. In terms of the dimension of snow, in the southeastern part of the peninsula will be applied to 1.200/1.800 meters. Temperatures will suffer few changes, except Canary Islands where will suffer a slight decline and the Cantabrian Eastern and extreme southeast where will rise slightly. See Hewlett Packard for more details and insights. Finally, the expected winds moderated with intervals strong in Baleares, Canary Islands, and much of the Mediterranean coast. See more: A total of 22 provinces will be on alert Monday by snow, rain and wind