Belly Fat Old Newly Raised

Only American researchers have republished what everyone long knew: Obesity is not equal to being overweight; the waist circumference “is s. Not too long ago, because people in Europe to thousands of famine were dying. Humanity has finally but survived. One of the main reasons is the eerie efficiency with which our body can – save energy times which degree is offered. What saved us as a species over the millennia, is the individual today in the age of total abundance doomed. If the food shortage this manifests itself, that the bag is already half-empty chips, obesity is also not far away. Thanks to ever more detailed studies, the in the course of last year appeared are, today we know that obesity is not generally harmful to the body. There are fat that is biologically not large in scene and deals so the body doesn’t do too much damage, while other types of grease, and about the belly fat, this includes the located between the internal organs in the abdominal cavity is, very much active and flooded the body with a while cascade of harmful substances.

These substances eventually lead that the beer belly very much negative affects the risk of diabetes, inflammation and abnormal cholesterol levels than, for example, the much-maligned breeches. Researchers led by Eric Jacobs of the American Cancer Society have now confirmed this connection in Atlanta. But their large study, which they report in the journal “Archives of Internal Medicine”, brought to light other surprising findings: A large waist circumference increases not only the risk of certain diseases; He is associated with an increased risk of death – and that even in normal-weight individuals. For their study, the scientists analyzed the causes of death of 14 “647 people who had participated in a study on cancer prevention in the United States. It was found: people with a very large waist – women of more than 110 men of more as 120 centimeters – had a risk of death about twice as high as other participants, whose Bauche had only less than 75 or less than 90 cm size.