Brazil Organic

In the reality, the product is innovative also having extrativa action of nutrients of the ground and, separately, of its fractions sand, silte and clay. (YOU NOVATE; SMITH 1999; DYER, 1894). As cited for YOU NOVATE and SMITH (1999); for being the Biotech Bioativador of the Ground, a biodegradvel product is a power plant (organic carbon), that active microbiota of the ground, making a precious difference in the specter of action and the speed of reaction, in function of the fast biodegradao, almost instantaneous, in relation to the traditional or conventional conditioners of the ground, so far covered for the current legislation (after of rock, punishments of acidity and plaster). The Biotech, as a biodegradvel product, is a power plant, through the carbon suppliment to the microorganisms, (bacteria and fungos of the ground). (GERK et al., 1994, GERK, 1992; STAUTON; LEPRINCE, 1997; JONES, 1993; JONES; DARRAH, 1995; NEWMANN; ROMHELD, 1999; RODNEI et al., 2006). These properties of the Biotech Bioativador of the Ground very represent an innovation in the market of agricultural insumos and a chance for the update of the effective federal legislation in the direction of accompaniment of the conquered technological advances with effort throughout many years. On the other hand, in sustainable terms, to guarantee its production in industrial scale, its definitive permanence in the market, it becomes its success technician and unquestioned advertising for the tropical and subtropical conditions, mainly in Brazil, virtue of the simultaneous and abundant coexistence of diverse types of substances organic cousins, in the four stations of the year, gotten as residues and by-products, in the process of improvement of commodities, beyond the abundance of the by-products of the agroindstria that, biotechnologically, are passive of rupture of organic molecules for bio-transformation chemical reaction in contact with the inorgnica mass of the ground, increasing itself then the availability of nutrients for the plants. .