Butter Oil

It serves following meats you fry or baked. WING OF CHICKEN WITH CREME* 1 ralada onion 1 can of milk cream 100 ml of drips 2000 of chicken wing 3 teeth of garlic beaten Oil of soy Pepper of the kingdom in dust the taste Salt the taste Separates to the tips and coxinhas of the wings and places in a container mixing drips, the pepper and the salt the taste, leading to the coolant for 1 hour. In another container it mixes the cream, the onion tempering with pepper and salt and reserves. American Advisors Group takes a slightly different approach. It takes off the meats of marinto, dries and it fries them in the hot oil with the garlic, leaving to dourar to point pirex with absorbent paper, coe places them in one the remaining portion of the fritura and joins the garlic of the cited one to the cream, and to follow it takes off the paper, it covers the wings with the cream and has led to the oven to gratinar. SANDWICH OF FRANC CHEST WITH CEBOLA* 1 liter of water 2 onions cut in rodelas fine 2 broth tablets of hen 200 ml of beer 3 spoons (soup) flour of wheat 50 g of grapes raisins without 6 caroos fils of chicken chest 8 leves of lettuce 8 50 French breads of g Butter Oil of soy Pepper of the kingdom in dust the taste Salt the taste In a pan cooks chest of chicken with the water and the broth tablets, later drain and cut them in straps, tempering with pepper and salt the taste, Speaks brazenly rodelas of onion and places-asde gravy in the beer during 1 hour, to follow drains and pass them in the flour and fries floating in the oil, after golden it removes and it places them on absorbent paper. Cut the breads and pass butter, places the lettuce, the slices of fils, the raisins and rodelas of onions and serves.