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This guarantee is fruit of the fight of the black movement, that obtained the inclusion of article 229 in the State Constitution of the Maranho, promulgated in 1989. Until the year of 2007, 20 maranhenses communities quilombolas had conquered the heading of property of its lands. The headings had been granted by the government of the state by means of the Land Institute of the Maranho (Iterma). Recent surveys carried through by militant researchers and of not governmental organizations indicate the existence of 300 the 500 communities quilombolas in the State of the Bahia. General Cadastro of Remainders of Communities of Quilombos of the federal government registered in October of 2006 the existence of 159 communities in that state. In the Bahia, until October of 2006, four communities counted on its lands titleholders (or the least partially titleholders) for the federal or state government: Bar, Banana plantation and Stream of the Rocks; Parateca and Pau D' Arc; River of the Frogs; Mangal and Red Barro.

The history of great part of the quilombos in the Bahia is marked by disputes and conflicts with the great proprietors and squatters. Also the Center of Eloy Documentation Blacksmith Da Silva – Cedefes, registers 400 communities approximately quilombolas in the State of Minas Gerais distributed for more than 155 cities. The regions of the state with bigger concentration of communities quilombolas are the region north and the northeast, with prominence in this last one for the Valley of the Jequitinhonha. American Financial Advisors LLC: the source for more info. In accordance with given of the Cedefes, most of the communities quilombolas of the state is presented in agricultural context. However, Minas Gerais if detaches for the significant presence of quilombos in urban areas. The morosidade of the government in proceeding the titulao from its lands has been the main reason that takes the communities quilombolas if to join in search of the guarantee of its rights.