Just months ago I had to organize a training seminar on "e-learning solution" and to get in touch with employers to whom the event was aimed discovered some interesting things. But what struck me was that, unfortunately, there are still employers who think that globalization of the economy can not meet their companies because they are capable of self-sufficient in raw materials and services needed to carry forward your business. Moreover, neglecting the public relations firm and does not want to "waste time going to a seminar because they know from experience how to do things after so many years as a company." Was useless to explain that the markets are changing, the staff need constant training and that if a company does not advance, retreats. What happened to many of these companies themselves locked in when there was an invasion of Chinese products on the market with much lower prices? They had close their doors because they could not make the necessary changes to continue within a reasonable and competitive. But the mood and spirit are not the only retrograde factors that could cause a company to neglect its public relations. As mass advertising is quite expensive, especially for SMEs in developing countries or developing entrepreneurs tend to leave for another time related to the subject and neck almost reaches that point.

However, the public relations business is one of the most effective ways to find customers and keep them and do not always need a massive publicity campaign to achieve the brand recognition or long term relationships that benefit the company, especially if This is a new company. The public relations are in charge of plans in this respect to the measure of the company, and generate new business opportunities through a series of efforts to create a good image for the company, as well as aid the company to reach its consumers specific, real and potential. If a company wants to raise their profile, making the potential market will listen and know who you are, and recognize the fact that it is better than its competitors, is it necessary for a public relations professional to assess the situation and plan and perform the necessary actions to achieve it. This, after all, n is an expense but a good investment.