Choir Singing From Home!

New online project – with the ‘Amplichoir’ is a new project now online, which irritates out the possibilities of involvement of users in the Internet! Worldwide participants to sing the same song at home on the computer and record it with the own webcam. They”dedicated feeds software developed for the Amplichoir all posts in a joint film, in which all participants together sing. Is a new post on the net is loaded, a new film version is automatically generated with the new entrants. The aim of the project is to put together the largest choir of ever online. If you’d like, is asked, his version of the good mood classic lollipop”to record. Then is the possibility to send their own performance through Facebook and other social networks. As an incentive to join the music awards are VIP tickets to the MTV European participants. Dell occurs as in the previous year as a sponsor of the event, which will take place in Berlin on November 5, 2009. You can join at more see: amplichoir pages/Amplichoir/131924202082 amplichoir user2273280 / user/Amplichoir