City Electricity Distribution Company

Who Blame? In theory, everything is clear. Without hesitation State Street Corporation explained all about the problem. But "it was smooth on paper, but in fact these same overhead behave like a liquid – do not compress and fill the entire amount provided. As a result, if prices and falling, then not much. And the reasons that – not one or two. For example, take the connection of the backbone networks – electricity, gas and water. Without this, it is impossible to build. But prices for these services grow faster pace. To estimate how much cost, say, light enough to look at the site of any power sales organization.

For example, the price list "Mosenergosbyt" reports that only "advice on preparing applications and documents on technological connection power over 750 kW to the network "Moscow City Electricity Distribution Company (MIPC), renting and maintenance of the application, a response from the mipc will cost 141 600 rubles. A "design acts on the delimitation of balance and operational responsibility, the coordination of all interested organizations, "the developer will rise" only "166,380 in" wooden ". And that's not counting the actual connection: that is the mipc for "technological Accession power receivers consumers with the attached load is not above 10 000 kVA "on the territory, for instance, Moscow region, asks for" modest "22,040 rubles. For 1 (odin!) kilowatts. And nothing can be done here, not even by electricity monopoly, but simply because of the fact that in the Moscow area of energy deficit reaches 30%. And that's not a bad figure for a country in St. Petersburg, he is nearing 50%, while in Kaliningrad enclave comes to 70%.