Collonil Shoe Care Tip

Autumn time is hiking time! Tips on the care of leather and high-tech hiking boots the mountain calls! Especially in the autumn for many of the most beautiful hiking time. Important but: A continuous and effective maintenance of hiking boots and Mountain boots, to defy wet weather and mud. Because: All components of a touring equipment, the shoes are the most strained.We encounter coarse dirt soon after returning from a hiking tour with a special mud brush. Cleaning foam evenly applies and can interact with helps with deep seated and stubborn dirt. Then, with smooth leather shoe Polish, suede, roughen with a crepe brush. Dry leather shoes to furnace or heating! The leather is otherwise brittle.

After cleaning, impregnation is mandatory: even if leather shoes today mostly hydrophobic and therefore water-repellent are, the leather with cream or wax be kept supple. The uniform distribution of shoe polish on the is crucial as the applied amount Shoe. Therefore, the appropriate soft bristle shoe brush is the be-all and end-all of shoe care. For high-tech shoes, leading shoe care specialists have developed highly effective sprays. They maintain, without decreasing breathability of materials and membranes.

The so-called Nano sprays are recommended. Dr. Ulrich Drechsler, head of product development of mark COLLONIL, recommends the Nanopro spray of his home: when the Nanopro forms a Nano-structured, jagged surface on the water may well slip and clinging dirt hard after drying. A drying time of at least 30 minutes is to be observed according to Drechsler. Also the fact that not all Nano’s, Nano says, is important for the consumer. Dr. Drechsler: Some products adorn themselves with the term Nano, actually they use only conventional fluorine carbon resin, which lags in the effect behind the Nanopro. Collonil is a world renowned and leading brand for sophisticated shoe and leather care, which products are produced for more than 100 years by the Salzenbrodt GmbH & Co KG from Berlin. Thanks to a consistent quality and innovation strategy is the Collonil brand for highest expertise in the care of leather products.