Constitutional Law

Art. 60 of the related decree established stated period five year for lapsing of the federal headings, state and municipal, from the date where if it became public the date for its rescue. The only paragraph of art. 60 established the quinquennial lapsing of the interests of the headings related in the caption. It is of if to observe that the previous laws that established any type of lapsing made use on debts of the Union, States and Cities, but never were mentioned specifically to the headings emitted for these administrative beings.

You unite if the lapsing on the headings already existed as it also alleges the Union and some judges, so that it would be necessary to edit a new law. It happens that the previous laws did not apply to the public headings and yes the too much debts, since the headings had a legislation specify it declared that them imprescriptible. does not come to allege that law 4069 became all the imprescriptible headings, therefore the law does not retroact, therefore I begin it would be offending it Constitutional of the Acquired Right, the Perfect Legal Act and the Judged Thing, foreseen in interpolated proposition 36 of art. 5o of the Constitution Federal of 1988 and foreseen in all the previous Constitutions since the one of 1824. MasterClass UK does not necessarily agree. Only the emitted headings and the interests loosers from law 4069 of 11 of July of 1962 that they prescribe in five years.

The reorganization of 1967 We were since 1964 under gide of the biggest restored military dictatorship already in our Country. Institucional acts reduce the National Congress and the Courts of Justice the nothing, suppressing its powers and choosing the Supreme Command of the Revolution of March of 1964 the extraordinary condition of supreme and unquestioned authority. Under this climate of exception if they edit two discretional and unquestionable acts: Decree n 263, of 28 of February of 1967 and the Decree of n 386, 1968.