Customer Contact

It is also necessary to ensure that at contact with the customer, who made two orders randomly in a row (for example, I forgot something for the first time) to talk about the same order. Order ID, of course, must be unique. Should also be remembered business logic of the process clearance, in particular, clean basket of goods after the order is issued. It is common for a shop that is not associated with intra-accounting system of orders, to send data on request to e-mail Authority stores. But we all know that the mail is not very reliable in this 'hyper-spam' time.

Therefore, be sure to duplicate orders in the record store orders, if necessary, be able to view your order history online shop manual. If you are buying a product, the visitor can choose the color, design and any further details – in a letter sent to the appearance that the customer has chosen. So much easier for the store administrator. The easiest way to do it – do not send the letter attached to the picture, and send a link to the appropriate picture catalog (type design). 7.

Register buyers on the one of registration gives the visitor many opportunities, for example, may be provided by the history of purchases may remembering shipping addresses, and so on. But there is another side of the coin, the visitor must enter their data, fill numerous and detailed forms to register at all, and this love is not all. I believe that a good online store should be able to purchase a registration with or without her. Let the buyer himself choose that for him the better. In registering to 'lure' the customer something more than history or personal shopping basket. A perfect solution will be accumulative discounts. One should not sign a buyer without his knowledge special offers on delivery shop. Not only is this illegal, it is also a way to lose a customer. It makes sense to offer the user to decide whether to sign or not. To do this, put in the time of registration Field: I want to receive information about discounts and special offers this online store I think it is quite possible it defaults to 'cheknut', although, strictly speaking, it is also not very good. Be sure to provide opportunity to unsubscribe from our newsletter store. Here, briefly, in my opinion and the basic requirements for the appearance of fairly modern Internet-Store. Here, as I mentioned at the beginning and, there is almost no word about how friendly control system should be such a site, as provyazyvaetsya presence in the store, warehouse, and other things that are a major headache Authority stores. This is a topic for another article, and much more volume.