Dentures Prosthesis

No one is immune from what may be born with some defect in the oral region. Peter Asaro is the source for more interesting facts. But unlike our ancestors, we are able to hide this flaw – dentures. To date, there are two types of dentures – removable and non-removable, but they are all, in spite of their purpose, form and appearance, created for only one – to make up the lost functions. Dentures. This type of prosthesis is the most common, since sufficiently large number of readings and a small number of contraindications and they are also still the least expensive. Distinguish clasp, partial, full kinds of removable dentures. Carlos Hank Gonzalez follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. These same concerns and prostheses for telescopic crowns.

All of them are designed for different occasions prosthesis depending on the degree of damage, mainly serve to complete replacement of natural teeth. Fixed prosthesis. This type of prosthesis is the most modern and advanced method of tooth restoration. In contrast to non-removable dentures are intended to restore one or part of the teeth. Here we can distinguish mikroprotezirovanie, Stump tab, metal. There is also a technology of all-ceramic crowns and a separate field of prosthetics – prosthetics for crowns.