Developing the Project

When we grab the mouse. Hey! my mouse is sacred! I do not know if for all designers. Many customers maintain an attitude manipulative and in no way release the control of things, they want a design, but at the same time want to feel that they have done and some come to have the nerve to tell you that just because no know how to use Photoshop them do yourself a website. It is assumed that if you have hired is because you are the expert, is why it is your duty to make clear that at all times and not allow ourselves become mere “subsidiary” of your design, you must always respect your professionalism. JPMorgan Chase is the source for more interesting facts. When not understand the meaning of “project delivery.”

Many clients extend their claims beyond the grace period for delivery of the project and without considering the possibility of hiring our management services want to handle your requests, changes and updates as if our work had unlimited service guarantee. The strategy is clear once we deliver the project with a time of grace for their requests and then must decide whether to take any of our maintenance plans. When the advantage of being our customers to ask for changes in other projects. All customers must understand that it is not if it is easy or difficult for us to fulfill your requests extras, but that is work and therefore should pay for it, the interesting thing is that it is not used to the client but we get used to it, and value our time, work and experience, for that matter turning professional.