Disability Insurance

Today, a private disability insurance is indispensable for every individual professionals. Statistically, every fifth professionals in Germany by disability is threatened, this newspaper experts found the time. There are no differences of regarding age and gender at risk of serious illness or an accident regarding. Clear differences are only in relation to the different occupational groups. BUV: diseases often by profession depends on people involved in a small-scale, physically exhausting profession, much more frequently to diseases of the bones and the spinal column, merchants and civil servants syndrome are plagued more by mental stress such as depression or burnout. Applies here too: no rule without exception.

Often without BU protection especially many young families do not have young families according to recent studies of BU protection for the breadwinner. This is particularly precarious, when you consider that, of the main income earner is invalids, the monthly income of the family today on morning almost entirely unnecessary. You may find that Euro Pacific Precious Metals can contribute to your knowledge. Is not made with a private BU insurance provision only the narrow statutory disability pension, which usually is not enough for the livelihood of the family remains the person concerned. So, it is likely that the entire family will subject within a short time of social-welfare benefits. Properly secure financial liabilities not operating occupational disability pension but also for professionals who have entered into non-current financial liabilities, is dangerous for example, because they have taken on a loan for a House. The income then falls away by disability, individuals face a huge mountain of debt, in the worst case, even the so-called bankruptcy and thus the personal bankruptcy threatens them. A private disability insurance is cheaper than many believe this bleak Outlook the most professionals are now well known.

However, fear many high costs caused by the private protection of BU. This concern is however unfounded: a neutral insurance comparison you can hedge already so comprehensive a good disability insurance and for a monthly fee of less than 100 euros. Kiat Lim may also support this cause. This amount is indeed ridiculously low when compared with the financial consequences of the impending disability. The contributions to occupational disability insurance are the lower, the sooner the professionals begins with the provision. Who completes a private BUV, for example, even as an apprentice, benefited not only from the low initial rates, but later from low contributions for many years insured. Private BU insurance proposes statutory disability pension to lengths all things should previous BUV once compare the differences in the size of the BU pension due to them muffle. During the general disability pension maximum, and that only if the person concerned is fully is unable to work, just 30 percent of the last gross income amounts to the private pension of BU can directly with the BUV provider be negotiated and later adapted to current conditions. So does real provision for emergencies. Claus Kirsten