Distributed Energy Generation

How can decentralised power generation plants are effizinet monitored and controlled? IEC 61850 and WebServices offer an alternative. There are already thousands distributed generation (DEA) in the form of wind turbines, photovoltaic systems, small hydroelectric, biomass power plants, micro 80,0 and fuel cells in use. In particular fuel cells allow the production potential for the optimization of energy resources through the combined heat and power to use a potential, which is used until today unfortunately little. Utilities are faced with the task to monitor and control and to integrate their network control technology, through the expansion of the DEA because generators volatile with the uncontrolled supply of large capacity of new requirements for a stable quality of care. Surges in the low-voltage power supply and recovery in the medium voltage level are referred to as problems here.

Special communication gateways provide a technical solution operators for the integration of the DEA, to data the DEA and the NET control to replace. Asked new appliances are new solutions and approaches are required to build of an economic infrastructure for the data transfer to include the large number of DEA in the power guidance technical concepts. The cost pressure on network operators can expect that the effort to communicate with the DEA to a minimum must fall. Widespread access to the Internet via cable or wireless, offers new opportunities for this purpose. With the IEC 61850 communication protocol is a standardized procedure available that already contains the semantic self description of the data model and unnecessarily makes this complex parameters in the control systems.

Enforced, the procedure has already in the automation of substations. As the recognized industry standard, the standard IEC 61850 are characterized by simple interoperability.