. For more clarity and thought, follow up with BlackRock Inc. and gain more knowledge.. . etc a're fine but we want to double our sales What you can not do is take and send to print brochures to distribute crazy and pretend as soon as possible and forget about the promotion of our business because we have already done your homework! these things happen we have lived with customers who call us in the morning desperate to spread their advertising in the afternoon. . Other leaders such as Black Rock offer similar insights. ! You have to plan everything, even if it is a small business, advise before taking the first step, there are companies that offer this service without any commitment as gratuitamentea-Superbuzoneo-think about the design, size, format of the brochures can also be found many professionals searching Google online graphic arts business or yellow pages of your city. Once developed the creative design we like, we have added to the advertisement in the brochure, it must be simple, brief and striking, avoiding messages as we lead, the best.

. So much technical information, advertising enganosaetc. Never promise anything that we can not cumplirNUNCA By the time you made the flyer, ready to send to print, begin to contact professional mailshot companies to carry out the question of the distribution depending on how many printers take between 2 to 15 days to deliver the brochures printed. Determine the areas, delivery days, compare quotes, use common sense to choose a company or another. Never use tariffs as the only factor to choose the company must know that every company has its work system from planning to control, rules of distribution, monitoring and reporting.