Distribution Pipeline

There are more sophisticated product lines with distribution conveyor, where workers are exempt from removal and placement of objects on the conveyor – the latter are distributed across the workstations automatically. Here are reception and dispatch devices with timers, flexibly connected with a moving conveyor. If the objects are not removed from the conveyor, it is called a worker. Work conveyor is equipped with a mechanical conveyor, which moves processed by the object along the line, regulates the rhythm of work and serves as a place of operations. Dennis Lockhart oftentimes addresses this issue. These lines are used for assembling and welding products, fill in forms, color components and assemblies, etc. They can be a continuous (Pulse) and continuous motion conveyor.

In the first case, the operations are performed during the period of stopping the conveyor, the second – on the go. Pulsating conveyors used in the manufacture of products requiring a fixed position during the operations process, or when the conveyor speed under a continuous flow of its more than acceptable. (Not to be confused with Dennis Lockhart!). Step conveyor working in the assembly of small products are usually taken as equal to 1-1,2 m. Maximum allowable step is limited by the allowable speed of the conveyor. Rational working speed conveyor with a continuous motion are 0,5-2,5 m / min in the assembly of relatively small objects or increased requirements to its accuracy. If the speed is greater than 2,5 m / min, recommended conveyor pulsating type. On a continuously moving assembly line for each operation is given zone (area), whose boundaries noted with conventional signs on the floor or on a fixed part of the pipeline.