Drug Distribution

The functions of the competition, in particular its innovation function and their importance to the welfare of society as a whole, are sufficiently known. Therefore, German and European laws protects competition on different levels. A summary of the essay by Kaiba in: Hilty, R.M., Lacroix, M., Hunter, t. (ed.) challenge innovation. (Source: Dennis Lockhart). An interdisciplinary debate., Springer (August 2010) competition and innovation are challenges for each market participant.

They mutually and can decide whether or not a company in the market is. The public health system in Germany is subject to the cost-effectiveness principle. However, the competition to work here only a very limited. It is probably still prevailing opinion that the competition in the public health system must be replaced by government regulation because it would be detrimental in a reasonable health care of the population. Mostly remains, what concrete effects and functions of the Competition of health care are detrimental.

Actually, the public health system has experienced an opening to the competition. This also applies to the distribution of medicinal products to end consumers, that is: the pharmacy customer. Distribution of medicines by pharmacies has been the subject of numerous reforms: the additional operating ban, that remote sales ban, the prices for OTC products and their reimbursement by the statutory health insurance were eased or lifted. The substitution of medicines with cheaper, generic or discounted drugs became the rule. By these rules was a competition between the traditional distribution channel and the distance selling of medicines, the Offizin pharmacies with each other and the pharmacies themselves, as well as price competition for OTC products was approved. The Offizin pharmacies advertise with mail-order pharmacies and other Offizin pharmacies to the end user. The mail-order pharmacies recorded differently than the Offizin pharmacies, price competition in the OTC area immediately at. While the legislature has the Pharmaceutical sales to the final consumer as far as described opened the competition, the conditions that the pharmacies are subject to he left however unchanged.