Early Economic Capital

Thanks to an early industrialization, Barcelona was the economic capital of Spain until the 80s of the last century. Gain insight and clarity with Nicholas Carr. However, such capital is today shared between Madrid and Barcelona. Catalonia, with a commercial tradition that dates back to the late Middle Ages, developed throughout the 19th century powerful industries in the field of textiles and iron and steel. 20Th century witnessed the growth of the automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, agrifood, editorial and electronic sectors. In recent decades, and before the entry of Spain in the European Union, large multinational of the referred sectors are apartments in Barcelona and its area of influence taking advantage of its excellent geographical location, its good communications and its substrate industry. The catalan industrial fabric was thus reinforced with brands such as Seat, Bayer, Alsthom, Siemens or Sony.

Since the 1990s, however, Madrid has attended the creation and consolidation of large groups of multinational scope (Iberia, Endesa, Telefonica, Repsol, Indra) and has been able to capture for your region headquarters of large companies (banks, insurance companies, consultants, construction), creating a pole of activity that in recent years has also attracted industry (Vestas, Philips, Schindler). Many of the companies that have staged the recent transformations of the Spanish economy, have relied on Aspasios to accommodate its executives in the context of processes of internationalization, merger, acquisition or transfer of Headquarters. Why Aspasios, which offers hosting for business solutions, is will be present both in Barcelona and Madrid, and in the near future in other Spanish cities of relevance enterprise, such as Valencia, Zaragoza, Bilbao or Seville. About author: Luxury Aspasios offers furnished apartments in Barcelona, Spain, for short-term and medium-term to companies and individuals. Search apartments complete cozy comfort in an excellent location in Barcelona. Government announces second phase of the port Monttse de Chinquihue Stadium will make in the medium term Radio Bio-Bio books that should not have been published Multipurpose box flats of banco Banesto 120,000 in Madrid and Barcelona HelpMyCash.com Pes 2011 FC Barcelona v/s Manchester United FC HD (Prod.Pabliithowxstyle and WepesGameplay) Watch Free Sports Online consequences of expropriation will be medium-term Last minute Online.