Earth Flowers

For those wishing to have the presence of beautiful flowers in their homes, but accompanying the entire process involved in its growth, i.e. looking for planting flowers in the garden or in pots; They must take into account that there are a few criteria useful for the correct planting of flowers and so to promote the growth of plants is adequate and can enjoy a beautiful flowering. Before entering full as regards the proper seeding of flowers, you should know that the flowers can be planted directly in the place where you want to be developed throughout his life, i.e. they are born, grow and flourish; but you can also pass before by a seedling, which will receive better treatment training and so will be less casualties in flowers. After the previous recommendation, passed the proper seeding of flowers and simple steps that should be put in place for this task: filling the place: first steps should be different to clean the land and the surrounding area, noting that no problems of moisture, water, flooding or pest, otherwise you will need to thoroughly clean the place and perform various jobs for proper drainage; After this and the presence of a land that offers adequate conditions, the space for the seeds of the flower with the same saco land, accompanying with peat or compost, can fill but it is best to not add him fertilizer.

In case that the earth not this in the best conditions possible for the planting of the flowers; You can make use of vegetable soil for germination. Slightly compacted: then fill the space that occupied the flowers, pressure on the ground with the idea of leaving the compact surface should be, so the surface layer of the substrate to plant will have a good level. Watering: an initial watering must be performed so that the substrate is moist, without reaching the ponding. Seeds, achieving a uniform distribution should be spread in a superficial manner. Located the seeds in place, they should be covered with a layer of topsoil; which will have a thickness of about 2 millimeters. Using a spray or any other means that does not involve large amounts of water, superficially the last layer of Earth, with the idea of offering some moisture to the Earth must be wet. The location of the flower must be in a place with semi-shade or at least that the Sun not you of directly, that represent protection before the cold and strong currents of air. After this whole process of the correct seeding of flowers, depending on the type of flower and the climate and constant care in the development of seeds, came the growth of the plant and its subsequent flowering, filled with beauty.