Egypt – a very beautiful and rich republic. The state bordered by the Mediterranean on one side and the other red seas. If you visit this amazing area, the pleasant moments of leisure will forever remain in your memory. Let's see what we can to please the state. Nile River Valley has one of the most fertile soil in the world. Since ancient times, here are grown crops.

Upon arrival you will be able to buy various condiments and herbs, which do not meet anywhere else, because they differ in their uniqueness. Neil has always been a people – a necessary factor for millions of people, they worshiped him as a god. You will be able to go there, book a tour. Arriving there, you admire the beauty of local neighborhoods and is also able to fish. The most interesting thing that the origins of the Nile, no one knows for centuries dozens of expeditions attempted to find the source of the Nile. One of the first led by two Roman warrior – the messengers of the Emperor Nero.

But they were forced to go back and stumbled on a huge impenetrable swamp – Sudd. Expedition subsequent centuries were lost in the toxic swamp, died from exhaustion and the scorching heat, fierce fever. All this and much more about the history of Egypt, you can learn from the guides or the local people of this country. If you are unsure where to stay, I advise you in advance provide that where you live, you should book a hotel room while still at home.