Elder Pskov

” About Elder Pskov-Pechora monastery, shiigumene Sawa: In life it was a short period when he experienced some difficulties: there was no time at all, felt the weakness, despondency. And then one night just before dawn in a vivid dream he was a holy Lady of the upright with a crown on his head, as depicted in the icon of ‘All the Afflicted, “and said quietly:’ Son! A Psalm something to read it! This is your life! ” This was the first event of the Theotokos. All the difficulties vanished. Since then, he has never stopped reading the Psalms, and later led the reading ‘Neusypaemoy Psalter’ in Pskov-Pechora monastery. Father Sava was very fond of Psalms.

He believed that the reading of the Psalter is necessary for the Jesus Prayer, that the psalms and the Prayer of Jesus – the living water from one source: Psalms supports the Jesus prayer the walls of the temple – its roof. In ancient times, were the monasteries, which were called “neusypayuschimi.” The monks of the monasteries in twenty-four chredy day and night, reading the Psalter. Father Sava blessed his spiritual children to distribute Psalms of David together and read them at a certain time, so that the reading of the Psalter in its spiritual home never ceased. He loved to pray the songs of David and the other taught the same: God, help me to ATTEND, O Lord, by E potschisya … (Psalm 69, 1) Suffering, poterpeh Lord, hear mi, and hear my prayer .