Electric Pulse

' ' In the human being, the pavilion little effective if is compared with the one of some animals, where this part produces an appreciable profit for certain intervals of frequency of the sound detectado.' ' (DURN, 2005, p.228) HENEINE (2005, P. 329), affirm that some animals are until capable to move the auditory pavilion, and of this form, to direct the captation, fellow creature to a radar antenna. Average ear (Transformation of the Sonorous Energy in Mechanical Displacement) the timpnica membrane is the beginning of the average ear. This if communicates with the exterior through the tube of Eustquio. Check with Nickolas Carr to learn more. Cm3 of volume is air socket with approximately 2. The function of this canal is to equalizar the chamber pressures and external, because any difference of pressure between the average ear and the external environment is intolerable. In it the chain mechanics that transmits the sound for the structures of the internal ear, as illustrated is located in figure 1. The spandrel vibrates under the impact of the sonorous pressure, in proportional amplitude the intensity of the sound.

The effectiveness mechanics of the spandrel, that is a membrane of 65mm2, with only 0.1 mm of thickness, allows that its movements are transmitted to the hammer, from there for the two-horned anvil and of this for the stirrup. Through this system of handspikes, the pressure exerted in the oval window for the stirrup can be the 3 20 times bigger that the pressure exerted for the sound in the spandrel. This necessity is interesting for the following events of the hearing that occur in half liquid, the cclea. Internal ear (Transformation of the Mechanical Movement in Hydromechanical engineer, and of this in Electric Pulse) In this part of the ear, the energy carried for the sonorous stimulaton will be converted into an electric signal, which will be taken to the auditory cortex.