European Silver

The art of living with the taste can be defined in many ways. One of them – it is a table, served for a meal together – whether it's family dinner or a friendly party. Details can be found by clicking Dennis Lockhart or emailing the administrator. Along with beautiful tablecloths and festive china table can decorate the plate, which will demonstrate not only your perfect taste and strong financial position. No wonder the basis of the "philosophy" of many manufacturers of silverware are exactly tribal and family values. Silver ware – this is the utensils that will please not only you but also your children. A modern range allows you to select items for each case serving life, from breakfast to gala dinner, from the spoon on the "first tooth" to vases, teapots and picture frames. Having decided to get something out of silverware, you can start with the cutlery.

But it is worth considering that the instruments should be available to all companions are the same, so the idea of Grandma's family silver mixed with newly bought better forget immediately. Usually the set of devices per person includes five items: dinner knife and fork, spoon, salad fork and dessert spoon. Others serving items can be set (or buy more) if necessary. For morning tea or coffee you can buy creamer, coffee pots, sugar bowls, teapots, trays. Bucket Champagne, fine forceps for ice support under the glasses are needed for an evening rendezvous. Join a new family member to generic values can be with a silver spoon, cup or a silver rattle. Most European brands on the Russian market, as are silver-plated items, and items of silver alloys.

Of course, pure silver items will not do, because This soft metal is rapidly losing its visual appeal, it easily gets scratched and dented. Since the XIX century. using an alloy of silver and copper. Depending on their relationship objects may be 800 sample and 925 (so-called "sterling silver"). This name comes from England, where the coins were made of the alloy in the value of the pound sterling. For silver-plated products has its own label. The numbers 90, 100 or 120 means that for the manufacture of a dozen forks (spoons, knives) was used 90, 100 or 120 grams of pure silver. Individual producers have the concept of a massive silver-plated, which uses 150 grams of gold. What else determines the cost of a product? High quality products are brought by hand: more sanding, polishing and engraving. Manufacturers of silverware have a long history of its existence. During this time, changed a lot of styles. Therefore, conditionally possible to allocate several areas in the design collections. Of course, it's always relevant classical lines, with ornate shapes and complex patterns, often – the repetition of objects made even for Russian or European monarchs. Popular in the early XX century. naturalism emerged in the design of the silver tea and coffee sets in the image of fruits and vegetables, as well as in the decoration of dishes, which repeats the texture of the leaves. Special mention deserve items in Art Deco, which, in case of failure of the excessive decoration, enhance the beauty of fine lines, unusual geometrical shapes and expressive combination of materials: silver, glass, wood or exotic species. Products of modern design differ calm and simple shapes. The refinement of the usual items – a distinctive feature of silverware. Garnish with any meal, to give solemnity to the festive table – silverware can do this quickly and easily.