Close radiator that does not need to maintain their quality of daily life. Keep doors and never leave the heating on when no ESTs at home. Install programmable thermostats to automatically regulate the temperature of the room. Install double glazing. Ventilate the room quickly. The best way to ventilate a room is to turn off the heating and the windows open no more than 10 minutes. Under normal conditions, turn up the heat enough in the morning. In the evening, except in very cold areas, you should turn off the heat, as the heat accumulated in the home is usually more than enough (especially if they close blinds and curtains).

A Proper maintenance of our individual boiler will save up to 15% of energy. Do not cover or place anything next to the radiators. ELECTRODOMSTICOS Its consumption, according AVEN, in most homes can mean more than 50% of the electricity bill. Choose always very least, energy class A are those with lower consumption. WASHING MACHINE AND DISHWASHER Always use fully charged and if they have, using economic programs and half load. Wash dishes by hand, according to AVEN, it may be up to 60% more expensive in energy, water and detergent to do with a modern dishwasher low. Whenever possible, wash with cold water or low temperature.

Periodically clean water filters and monitor equipment maintenance. Use softeners and regularly clean the washer filter impurities and lime. Try to use the dishwasher when fully loaded. At half load, use short or economic programs.