Exu Deity

as Umbanda is Religion, therefore it is mystery of God and being mystery of God she is infinite, then we are revealing our form particular of approaches it and as it was taught in to believe them in its force and manifestation. Coming back to the Mystery Trancador, the Cosmic Deity of the Law regent of this mystery, it has its hierarchies of natural beings, spirituals and the holy ghosts that act in all the directions of the creation. We know that all the cosmic-active part or negative mystery of the Umbanda was assumed by the Cosmic Deity Orix Exu that loaned its name to these mysteries and authorized a way them beings natural spirituals and to retake its lines of evolution Under the support of the Exu Deity prevailed by its regents until apt they will be for of course assuming a degree to destined. since to exert the function to lock we must lock something, then thus appears all a natural hierarchy that in parallel with the spiritual, had formed an enormous one and fruitful line of Exus all conducted by the trancador mystery and appear the lines there of works of Exu Crossbar-Street of the Souls (that it means mystery trancador of the ways of the espritos that had attempted against against the evolution of its fellow creatures. Crossbar? Streets of the Bushes (that it means hierarchy of beings natural spirituals and that act locking the ways of the espritos that through the knowledge desvirtuaram and had spread the illusion in the life of its fellow creature. Crossbar-Street of the Waterfalls, that means mystery of the Law (Ogum) that it locks the ways of all the beings that had attempted against against the conception of the Life (Oxum) in all the directions of the life, since an abortion until the conception of a virtuous and positive idea for one half of better life.

Mr. Crossbar-Street is a mystery of God and as such must be respected and reverenciado, therefore it is a necessary Divine Quality to the order, the harmony and the balance, where to the life and the evolution she is being threatened. Mr. Exu Crossbar-Street is a Guard of the Ways and In them it is the intent eyes of the Law Biggest, always vigilant in its function that is to lock the ways of who if it desvirtuou in its evolution and still thus it wants to drag all that they are its return hindering to them to evolve and to promote routes its spheres of evolution. Sarava the holy ghost Throne Of the Law Biggest Sarava the holy ghost Father Ogum Sarava Celestial Father Ogum Seven Sarava Spears the holy ghost Mystery Trancador Sarava the holy ghost Father Ex Sarava the holy ghost Mystery Crossbar-Street Sarava Mr. Guardio Crossbar-Street SARAVA UMBANDA.