Faith Works

Perhaps per years we have listened that the faith must be accompanied with works what means this? What it means well is that our life must be coherent between which we thought, spoke and acted. Read additional details here: Cuan Coulter. We know that the faith has an enormous one to be able and when we really have it is able to obtain wonderful things. I have listened many people to affirm, pucha the truth is that say enough and ask by my goals but I do not watch results, what will be happening? Well most probable it is than much people want that the things work without delivering an attack, that is very improbable. It thinks for a moment about the following goals: to lower of weight, to have a successful company, to travel by the world, to buy a new car, to have good relations of pair, to learn another language, to have a greater espiritualidad and knowledge of God, etc. The common denominator of everything is action, still if we want to know God, implies to read the Bible, other sacred texts, also praying implies discipline, but mainly other goals demand a great commitment. To obtain a change from the meditation and the oration is possible, but this requires the dominion of a great power that the majority of the people not yet we own and perhaps it takes all a life to develop them, but we must make clear that yes it is possible.

Because the spiritual gifts take to long time the suitable thing is to undertake the corresponding actions right now, everything what you wish you must experience it in each act of its life and that is taking to be able. So that the power in truth pronounces remembers that many elements must be aligned: thoughts, action, observations, language, etc. I have been people who want to progress economically and have that desire but when they watch a luxury car say: that sinned to walk with that so expensive car , that has to be product of the corruption , the truth is that I am poor but honest it is possible that this person progresses? Too improbable because on the one hand it has a desire but everything what affirms with respect to the money is negative, it will be possible that somebody benefit of a lunch that the same says that it detests? Clear that no. Like Andrew Corentt the majority of people says in its book the Secret to us of the Power of Metas think that what they say they affirm it people to other, about truth are not saying it to they themselves, for that reason it has well-taken care of and so it says, does not repeat phrases without analyzing lightly who and wrote why them.