FC Bayern: Where Does Klinsmann

Addressed the problems of the FC Bayern look at the defeat in the DFB-Pokal against Bayer Leverkusen meant not only leaving the competition for Bayern. No, the big favourites was again clearly shown, where this season are his weaknesses. After the poor 0-0 draw against Werder Bremen and the disastrous back round start (mere 4 points from 5 games!) Jurgen Klinsmann put on a defensive tactic. The game should consist of a single striker Miroslav Klose a secure defense with long balls in scene. This tactic backfired completely. The Defense didn’t finish with the competitive Leverkusenern in the long term and so it was, as it had to happen.

Only capable of 3-0 responded Klinsmann and finally brought a further forward. The Lukas Podolski maligned by many of should revive the sluggish offensive game of the record master together with Bastian Schweinsteiger. Hardly some minutes on the square, it seemed to work. Within a short time it was 3-1 and the 3:2. Bayern struggled and were the minutes before the final whistle Compensation is very close, as the young team from Leverkusen had to pay tribute to their high pace of the game. But this season Bayern have not earned just the infamous Bavaria good luck and so the Werkself countered the master out and increased the worries of the Munich Club’s management. \”The big question which arises now: how long can lose even Jurgen Klinsmann and where he leads the FC Bayern?\” Klinsmann wanted to change something. He wanted to play new and beautiful, attacking soccer.

You can see the currently only in Hoffenheim. What’s wrong with the champions? The biggest problem is not the inexperienced coach or his frequently changing systems. Filed under: Oxford University. No, there is no FC Bayern simply the width in the squad. Storm tank Luca Toni is not meant to replace. His colleague Miroslav Klose tends to be a Preparator and needed too many chances.