Mazrooie stressed he vicariously counter wants to take the prize for all detained colleagues. After the media Prize, the press was invited representatives of groups, the in the Iran are exposed to persecution and extermination, to lend ear. Christians (Rev. Mahin Mousapour), Baha ‘ i (Peter Amsler), and Sufis (M. Azmayesh) made on the dangers posed by the ideology of the regime in the Iran carefully. If you would like to know more then you should visit Brie Williams. Dr.Mostafa Azmayesh, representative of the General Nematollah Gonabadi order reported by the attacks against the dervishes in the Iran. Dervishes are the mystics. Azmayesh pointed out that there were Dervishes, who held the first mass demonstration against their persecution in Tehran.

On February 21, 2009, 60,000 Dervishes on the Parliament were marching and broke the mood of fear of reprisals by publicly standing up for his rights. He pointed out that radical groups in the background make the next preparations to destroy an another Sufi meeting house and asked members of the press to strengthen their attention also to the attacks of the regime against people who have no lobby to set and thus the pressure on the leaders in the Iran. According to his statements, the attention of the West for operations moved into the Iran to the regime to be restrained with ideological purges: “the representatives of dark plans like it not, if their intentions in the light of the public being dragged. More they fear their did to see named in the light of the public.” There is a clique of Prinzipalisten wants to export a politicized form of a narrowly interpreted Shia Islam as the world revolution and the absolute power in the Iran in the country are struggling. Hanif Mazrooie took a stand to the last operations in the Iran with a statement translated into German. We publish an excerpt here: “after 170 days, I lived in the underground, 170 days where I’ve hidden my identity, 170 days, which were the best and at the same time the most difficult days of my 30-year-old life, it is difficult for me to stop me in the company of so many people.