Federal Environmental Agency

It is in the air, particulates in the Office: local help, advice and placing the sources of danger harmful particulate matter can be seen confidently as a kind of assault. Other leaders such as Senator of Arizona offer similar insights. Investigations showed alarming amounts of, among other things, mercury, nickel, benzene, styrene and organotin compounds. These substances are able to trigger health problems. First information can be found on the Internet under: must not be but, because there are almost non-toxic toners, filters that bind most of the pollutants and their own behavior which can minimize the risk. You can find this on a positive list of the Federal Environmental Agency.

One of the most dangerous causes, is located directly in the vicinity of own work. There are laser printers and copiers, but fax machines. You are no longer out of the Office. But transporting approximately 8 square of air in the room including all pollutants per hour! This toxic cocktail has its impact, this is irritation of the eyes and the Skin, inflammation of the upper respiratory tract and sinuses, bronchitis up to asthma. For healthy people, this already represents an undue burden, for people with allergies, this is a real threat can be. How can you reduce the risks? Adequate ventilation, eighth or devices in a separate room set up. Gently and carefully fix paper jams to kick up any dust. Absorb contaminants through toner always with a damp cloth.

Regular cleaning of the devices should be tested cleaners only by a qualified technician. When new purchases you should look for on a label (for example, the blue environmental Angel). However, you can defuse the existing devices. The nationwide make IT service – net advises computer users. You can find the nearest computer janitor easy on the Internet at. The printer specialist first professionally cleans the existing copiers and laser printers, exempt them from waste toner and changes the existing filter.