Feed Pellets For Parrots, Parakeets And Other Birds

Feed pellets for parrots, parakeets and other birds: top points – Pro & Kontra food pellets have been controversial in the diet of parrots, parakeets and other birds. The reasons for this are short in this article as the Pro and contra arguments for the bird owners and clearly summarized. Vs 1 ingredients pellets have usually exactly the same basic ingredients as they are often fed in mixtures of grains: corn, barley, millet, soy beans, peanuts, sunflowers, millet, etc. They are content first so no better or worse than grains feed only much more expensive. The pelleting process requires usually high temperatures and prints 2 Totgekocht”. Even so-called low temperature process, using mostly still relatively high temperatures. As a result, important ingredients such as vitamins and enzymes are destroyed.

At the end of the production process while artificial vitamins and minerals can be angry, but by far not all nutrients, containing fresh food, so to be replaced. 3. unilaterally because not all ingredients that are destroyed in the process, will be replaced by the manufacturer, a Pelletfutterung is one-sided and will lead to food deficiencies. In addition, pellet manufacturers often recommend that pellets should be fed almost exclusively, rather than fresh food. 4.

boring, the pellets will always have the same composition. It’s boring for the animals. In captivity, the feeding is an important aspect in the employment of the birds. 5. synthetic vitamins synthetic vitamins, that are used during pelletizing, are controversial. The effect of synthetic vitamins is increasingly called into question in scientific studies. Concerns are also in terms of side effects. 6 equal treatment there are hundreds of species of parrot. Within species, there are old and young, healthy and sick animals, males and females. However, the manufacturer offer a very manageable variation of pellets. It is unlikely that this diversity of individual animals their needs alike can get satisfied with a few pellets places.