Financial Plan

As seen from this, by no means a complete list, a feature of the salon business is a high degree of uncertainty and competition. As increased competition becomes important to position the services of his cabin so that the client noticed and gave preference to them. This means that your concept and the selected range of services to coincide with needs and expectations of potential customers for your beauty salon. Moreover, the supervisor will need to continuously review the package of services to "relevance" to the target audience. Financial Plan-calculation costs, projected balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows, etc. Any firm, regardless of industry, must have some plan for its activities, the more it is important for the new organization. Any activity of the company based on financial performance. Plan is expressed in the form of estimates of projected operating revenues and expenditures and projected capital costs. These calculations will provide an opportunity to assess the overall cost of the project, calculate the payback period, to predict future revenues and costs. Do not forget that no cost estimates will not be executed as it was planned. Therefore, you must constantly compare actual results with planned, to analyze the deviations, and periodically, if necessary, adjust them. Plan for current income shall be based on the estimated volume of services rendered and their prices. Price salon services depends on the cost, ie the chosen make-up, the prices of competitors for similar services, etc. Volume of services is calculated from the time spent on implementation services.