Food At Three Hours Intervals

Small distributed not only eat meals throughout the day who lose weight and lose weight wants to know, that diet pills are not always the answer. Balanced diet and plenty of exercise are more effective than any diet. Five smaller meals are healthier than three large. Sumptuous meals make tired, burden the digestive organs and also the circuit. The result is: the fat content of blood strongly increasing, hindering the transport of oxygen to the brain and other body organs. Particularly unfavourable for those who must reduce his cholesterol. Also: Our willingness varies during the course of the day.

In the late morning, we have the first and in the afternoon the second depression. This willingness is strongly influenced by the diet. Two small snacks, one between breakfast and lunch, the other between lunch and dinner, can prevent the performance depression and obesity. Because shorter meal breaks does not allow cravings and uncontrolled eating come on. The snacks between meals should contain complex high-fiber carbohydrates. To avoid a fall in blood glucose levels. Because: A low blood sugar caused a performance low. Fresh fruit and dairy products, cereals, whole wheat biscuits, wholemeal bread with low-fat toppings or a small salad make again awake.

A proper diet from childhood is the most important measure for a healthy life. Can prevent diet-related diseases and their fatal consequences. The most important is summarized in the ten rules for a full diet: varied plenty of vegetables, potatoes and fruit not eat, but much more whole grains less fat and high-fat foods of less animal protein little sweet spicy but not salty drink with mind often smaller nutrient gently prepare meals because water is the main component of our body, it is extremely important that you drink always enough. The stock of water must remain constant. Daily loses the body is about 2-3 liters of water, which must be replaced. Daily 2-3 litres of water should be replaced, that does not mean that you need to drink so much. Take about 1 liter of water with solid foods such as fruit, vegetables, dairy products, bread and cooked foods. Combustion produces also water coming to the carbohydrates, fats, and protein. Should take about 1.5 liters with drinks. It drinks of only the water supply should be used. Click Master Class for additional related pages. Popular beverages are coffee and tea, Cola and sweet soft drinks, beer, wine and spirits. All these drinks have very many so-called empty calories in the form of sugar or alcohol. So, for example, 3 cans Cola 110 grams of sugar and 440 calories and should therefore only occasionally be consumed.