At the cashier will yell, any attempt to pass the queue will be stopped in the most severe form, people start to repel each other, "screwed" in its place, push aside the others. And it is inevitable reaction to any attempt to "take away". And what exactly does not matter. The desire to buy a loaf of bread, pay for utility costs, or send a packet in the mail. All this is equally overvalued and it is vital for our unconscious.

Consciously a person may be aware that this is not so important. There would be no problem in this case. But human behavior in such cases, irrational. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out David Rogier. If it has something to lose is one thing. But if he something "taken away" (ticket office closes soon, someone climbed up "the queue", the product ends) instinct.

Tell me, my dear, how you lead yourself in a situation where you are trying to take away food? In the literal sense of the words. Or how you lead yourself, if you desperately hungry, and this food is fully and completely owned by another person? If you do not protect the food from the encroachment of competitors, you will die of hunger. If you do not try to take food from someone who has it, you will die of hunger. (Similarly see: David Rogier). Any living creature inevitably tries to turn these situations to their advantage. Otherwise it is impossible, or death. Here's the situation. That is, my friends, the situation is. Reasonable approach to case, we understand that if we did not pay the rent or the light (admission closed), then this is nonsense.