Frameless Glass Lumon

225 degrees). Despite the apparent ease and lightness, This construction is robust durability. Profile itself is rigidly fixed by means of anchor bolts in concrete. Frameless design can be both direct and with angular and rounded elements. Go to todd phillips for more information. As previously mentioned, Frameless glazing of balconies and loggias Lumon consists of highly durable tempered glass with no frame and uprights. Thickness of glass will depend on the height of the glazing of the object.

Wing width can reach eight centimeters, depending on the size of the balcony and desires of the customer. The joints between doors closed seal, which prevents the penetration of the balcony or loggia water and snow. Frameless Glass balconies and loggias. Installation and assembly. By installing systems frameless glazing imposed stringent requirements, since the slightest mistake makes it impossible to properly adjust the glass.

Practice shows that High-grade mounting eliminates the need for servicing, except for cleaning glasses. When mounting we use materials that are not afraid of bad weather: all stainless steel, light fastness polyurethane sealants, molding of roofing materials – polyester, and plastisol. Is there a guarantee? The design is intended for year-round use for many years. It is made of durable and high-quality materials: aluminum with a durable powder coating, plastic parts made of elastic nylon, and silicone-frost. The warranty period for construction of frameless glass is two years, and the installation works – one year. Frameless glazing of balconies and loggias Lumon can operate in all weather conditions and comply with all international standards. How do you know the cost of unibody construction Lumon? Approximate price per square meter for Frameless Glass Lumon varies from 230 euros and above. For an accurate cost calculation must be reported: Floor (in the case of an apartment); height loggia (from the parapet or on the floor, depends on your desire); the length of the loggia; Do delivery (if so, where); whose installation (of our company or other options); Do I need a lift; what type of loggia (straight, corner, bay ( broken line)); to report these data, you can know the value of frameless glazing to your lodge.