Glass In Lipetsk

Lipetsk glass is very high-quality construction material. Zdes you can read about how glass is made in Lipetsk, and on which site you can order it. In the world every year, produced millions of square meters of window glass. The value of the glass is hard to overestimate. Window glass is used in architecture, in the manufacture of furniture, various stained glass windows and shelves, laminated glass. Window glass is polished (Float) M1 – M2 and polished M3 – M6.

Polished glass manufactured by the float. In the production process of glass melting furnace comes in the form of tape is cooled and processed in a bath of molten tin. Float glass – glass thickness 4mm, as well as thicker glass, different constant thickness of glass, its evenness and lack of optical defects. In the production of unpolished glass pane 4mm – 6mm method of vertical ‘Hoods’. Unpolished glass is – wave ‘polythickness’ ripples. Polished window glass qualitative unpolished. Russian products are cheaper than similar foreign, and has decent quality.

Windowpane 4mm (and fatter), manufactured by jsc ‘Saratovsteklo’ has a valid green (‘bottle’ shade), that does not diminish his popularity. Production ‘Gomelsteklo’ is also very good. M1-M2 glass produced in Gomel used in the manufacture of insulating glass and laminated glass. Modern technologies allow to produce plate-glass windows way metallization material cathode sputtering and evaporation in a vacuum. To date, Russian mirror inferior to Western counterparts, but has been successfully applied in the interior, where there is no influence of moisture. A bathroom is better to use imported mirror (Poland, Turkey) as Amalgam they are not exfoliate. Glass and mirror are the most popular home furnishings. Scope of glass and mirrors, the most different: glazed facades and interiors of residential, office and industrial buildings interior decoration furniture made of glass (bar counters made of glass, administrator racks, glass tables, coffee tables, glass cabinets for tv equipment, cabinets made of glass), glass shelves glass patterned to stained glass doors interior glass and mirrors to make the finished glass form, apply edging, its grinding and edging .Pri use tape or disc sanding machines on which a water supply of processed glass. There are several types of treatment – a simple, polished and .Pri easy handling, the glass edge is dulled, and it becomes a trapezoid. When grinding glass using tape or disk edge becomes dull, the correct form. The final stage of processing is polished. Processing of glass and mirrors includes a wide range of services. Grinding and polishing the edge – is applied to protection against cuts. Such treatment of mirrors or glass gives the product a trapezoidal transparent edge, so the product gets an attractive finished look.