Global Change

What role will the State play in this great global change?, it is a question that remains in the air, like a coin toss, whose decision could become much more broad and complex of what we may believe.The Crisis of the State before homo videns and the media.Culture, now airs on television. This goes in hand with the cybercultura, or the great multimedia era in which we are living all. Every day, the revolution technology has changed the way we communicate. Goodbye to the archaic letters of correspondence that goes more than old sentimentality that carries the dedication, leaving us a slight feeling of dissatisfaction by the time that may take us. And on the other hand, we would prefer a quick mail.

At this time, the image is advancing much faster than the letters, such as I would say Sartori, visible on the intelligible. We received the information already processed, because they give us direct, we don’t have to analyze it and it makes much easier.Sartori did not speak of a homo sapiens, if not a homo videns. He also said everything just being displayed. But, what happens with no displayable (which is most)? So while we care about who controls the media, not we realize that it is the instrument in itself and for itself what has escaped us hand. It also refers TV encourages violence, and that report of bad form, and little shape. And this Act is changing the Act of tele – see.Since this will make the State look weakened by means of communication, where communication elites can change opinion to your liking because all media involved in the process of informing to the demos, and therefore, in the formation of public opinion. However, television has become the decisive middle and continues without being displaced by internet.The State could then lose credibility before the news that publish at your leisure media, well take the news that say Carlos Loret de Mola or Joaquin Lopez Doriga as the absolute truth of the news, leaving the public without its own criterion.