Global Road Safety

After the events of Brasilia in 1998 several events have occurred in world, regional and national. To me Brasilia was the inspirational spark that served as background to awaken interest in global road safety. Despite the growth of the vehicular field in the big city in Brazil, with the Campaign for Peace in Traffic, there was achieved a substantial decrease in traffic accidents and injuries as a result. It was evident there was a political and societal integration for the implementation and enforcement of strong measures.

There was magic. He even remembers welcome intervention in this regard the then President Fernando Henrique Cardoso. The 2000 report of the World Health Organization, the World Bank, the International Automobile and other organizations, released two years later by the Organization of the United Nations, is the most loyal and important document that portrays the reality Global roads. On 19 November 2003, was approved in the General Assembly of United Nations Resolution 58 / 9 entitled Road Safety Crisis in the World. This study pinpointed three key aspects for the development of future work directed at addressing this crisis.

The first was to define a political will in the world where governments have the item in your list of priorities.Second, recognize that traffic accidents are preventable. And third, it is essential the participation of associations and the private sector to succeed in the fight to prevent accidents. In April the following year, the World Health Day, the main agenda item it was road safety. At that time, approved the report of the Secretary General of the United Nations called the Road Safety and Health. An interesting fact was that determined which are vulnerable road users in our middle-and low-income today are mainly a strong headache Dominican Republic and other Latin American nations. Another momentous resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations was adopted on December 2005 under the name of Improving Road Safety in the World. It’s when it supports programs are required to keep them alive youth road.
We defined the celebration of World Week for Road Safety for Youth in 2007 under the auspices of the European Economic Commission. The world youth congress on the prevention of injuries caused by traffic accidents in Geneva in late April 2007, has served as a reference point for developing national work in different parts. There was a significant statement in which young people make commitments to different levels of society to reduce accidents on the roads. Finally, after the conclusion of the March 31 this year, with the reading of a famous open letter to the United Nations signed by several personalities of world influence, it convened at the headquarters of this organization in New York to 90 member countries to propose in 2009 the celebration of the World Ministerial Conference on road safety sponsored by the Russian Federation. This motion was approved by the Assembly of the United Nations Organization about a month later. Efforts to eradicate the high rate of accidents on the roads continue to develop. Everything is a process.