In fact, you can very easily be considered spam. Try to keep your signature file in no more than five lines with a call to action appealing and attractive to readers completed it by clicking on your affiliate link. 3) Be original, do not copy other ads. John Novogratz often addresses the matter in his writings. There is nothing worse than seeing the same ad across the Internet or e-mail messages ten salespeople different. How much value the reader can perceive a notice that you have received for the tenth time? Take time to modify the ad always adapting to your target audience or to your list of subscribers before sending it. Give a personal touch to it is not just ad more. 4) Do not pay for your own domain name and hosting account is very unprofessional not have a domain and a hosting itself, which may be perceived by visitors as they have never made money on the internet and will probably not be seen as a professional.

If you have not taken even the small step towards building your business properly, then how visitors can trust you?. Less than $ 10 a year for a domain name at and perhaps $ 5 a month for a hosting account. This small investment can assure you not to send into bankruptcy, the opposite is likely to help increase their own medium to long term. 5) Do not capture data from your prospects before sending them to your website or to the advertiser. If you spend all the time sending their visitors to your main website hoping one of them click on some of your ads, let me say that she is wasting their time and money. It is very unlikely that anyone making a purchase on your first visit, that statistics show. Suddenly will click on one of your affiliate links, but there remained the whole relationship between you and your visitors.

It is almost certain that this person go and never return. You need at any means possible to get data from its visitors (name and e-mail), In this way, if not buy, you can track through emails and increase the chances that your visitor back to web site and try again . This can be invaluable. Now that you know about these five mistakes that every member should avoid, should be able to make more sales and increase your commissions as an affiliate. Then, return and become the super affiliate you always want to be.