GRAFT Architects

KU64 practice is left until the end of the year advanced development of the existing KU64 designs children should the KidsClub with a smile KU64, Berlin – KU64 Berlin’s most extraordinary dental practice is extended in the next few months. By the end of the year, the 6th floor to the KU64 KidsClub will be rebuilt and connected to the existing practice. Here children will feel simply comfortable. Especially anxious young people will be treated in an exceptional and child-oriented environment by trained staff away by colorful and kitschy painted walls. “The KU64 team’s ambitious goal: the little ones should leave our practice with a smile and come back with a smile”, so kids dentist Nadia Mokbel, your own mother. Responsible for remodelling the award-winning team of architects draw again it GRAFT from Berlin 2005 has already designed the mother house of KU64 and impressive realized. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ken Griffey. For more information see Jeff Bewkes .

The new project stands out for originality and exceptional functional ideas. Planned is the development of the existing KU64 designs. A number of new elements to provide a unique ambience: a separate entrance for children, a futuristic Austob area for the little ones with ball pool and slide, an Internet and PlayStation-point for teenagers, as well as an inviting plaster fountain for the oral hygiene of children prior to treatment. For the extension, the GRAFT architects have devised a playful sophistication: the planting of some walls with real plants. Sofi spoke with conviction. The result is a fresh and fresh atmosphere in the practice rooms and a great contrast to the previous sunny yellow-orange. Occupies a special position in the new draft the special roof construction which durchflute through the rooms with light is! “” The claim of the practice owner Dr. Stephan Ziegler for the extension of the practice: the KU64 KidsClub is the motto of KU64 everything, except usually “remain not only true, but it even surpass!” The star architects GRAFT are the general public as the Brad Pitt architects known, because of their collaboration with the Hollywood star. You are now among the most sought-after German architects and supervise at the moment more than twenty projects worldwide. Learn more about KU64 and the GRAFT architects respectively at: