Green Darjeeling

Some campaigns, which see an ecological future especially in the Darjeeling around the wine-growing area in the Himalayas, is the protective seal of organic tea not far enough. Refer to the seal of natural land. Here, social components play in addition to more stringent guidelines for the cultivation and processing (fair trade) an important role. The reactor accident in Fukushima, consumer when it comes to organic tea from Japan are increasingly insecure. However, teas from the deep South West of Japan (Miyazaki, Kagoshima etc.) can be regarded as harmless. Only in the northern regions (such as Shizuoka), caution is advised.

Therefore, the Japanese Government before exporting these products of laboratory tests prescribed. The effect and preparation of tea next to the Green Darjeeling there many other green varieties, such as the China tea bushes (Theasinensis). All unites the positive effect on the human organism. Numerous studies have shown that the ingredients of green tea are veritable fountain of youth. So here are the highest ORAC values to prove.

These are available for the antioxidant abilities and therefore keep free radicals”in chess. Bitter and tanning agents exert beneficial effect on the metabolism. Caffeine is stimulating, promotes the physical endurance and is bound in the tea to the amino acid L-Theanine, much agreeable as in coffee or black tea. He lowers the cholesterol level in the blood, improves the metabolism and accelerates fat burning. Through improvement of insulin sensitivity, the risk of diabetes lowers type 2 to fall ill. He prevents also the arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular disease several types of cancer. Thus the positive properties are not exhausted, because also the green tea has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. Also, strengthen the immune system and prevent tooth decay. The preparation of tea has a direct impact on the ingredients and the health effects of tea. By different water temperature and steeping time, the tea very significantly changed its character and has a different effect. Factors such as water metering, tea strainer, adding sugar, milk or honey play an essential role in the preparation. Just the addition of milk and flavoured can interfere with the absorption of valuable polyphenols. While preparing lemon or juice increase the bio-availability of the key catechins can with vitamin C,.