Hello Boss – Then Again I Left!

Hape Kerkeling made it above: a longer break is much worth. It must be not the way of St. James, but two months in a row a dream. Just in terms of computer programmer living in projects has become\”naturalized. Software adoption within four months to the end of the year… then the next NAV project… etc.

Until then, the old joke goes: IBM, that means until midnight! \”.\” Demand full use. Extra shifts, overtime, no matter. Merits of the appointment is held. Between the two projects, since it could happen: sabbatical is the magic word. Time out! Nix like away. But: what about finance? Also the social security continues in time? How do you fix something with the employer? The most elegant solution: the life time working accounts.

How does it work? Certain parts of the gross salary are not paid to the employee. It has refused the payment and his employer a gross wage stock builds in a life time working accounts. Can be used this salary reserve for the financing of Downtime: for example for family reasons such as parental leave, training, for the trip around the world or always more popular for the highly anticipated retirement. Fair value accounts are the best defense against retirement at 67!\”and bring benefits for both workers and employers. Working life accounts are not a privilege of the wholesale industry. It is also available for the middle class. There are also complete packages for SMEs enterprises on the market. This brings this unique benefit from maximum flexibility in the staffing. Time outs are possible depending on the need. Fluctuating economic load can be balanced, cope with modern patchwork resumes and start their sought-after specialists and executives\”to like company. Let’s take the computer scientist of Steinbrenner. With his 35 years he earned 4,500 today. Every month he abandons gross 350. In his wallet he feels only a net use tax class 4′ 164.